The Vision

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Swopped was born from the idea that the love to shop for new clothes never goes away, but with the constant need for new fashion, we are damaging the environment.

Swopped offers to fill that need for new fashion while also reducing the need to manufacture as many new clothes.

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recycling and repurposing

The Fashion Cycle

Enormous quantities of natural resources are required during the production of our clothes and shoes. Here are just a few examples:

Help Save Water

The production of a pair of cotton jeans requires about 7,000 litres of water – the equivalent of filling over 50 bathtubs.

Stop Using Pesticides

The production of cotton uses about 11% of global pesticides and 25% of the global of insecticides.

Save The Enviroment

About 1.3 hectares of farmland is needed to produce a single tonne of cotton.


Clothes consumed in the UK per annum.


Tonnes of clothing thrown away in the UK every year.


Over half of this ends up in a landfill.


Thats the equivalent of 2.5 billion t-shirts!

Now you know our vision...why not get involved?

At swopped it is our vision to never send an item to landfill, we work with local charities to recycle our unwanted items and are working on an idea to re-purpose some clothes in house! Sustainable Fashion has to be the future!

Can we create our Own fashion Cycle? That’s the Vision and we need your help! Start swopping today and don’t forget to recycle for credits also!