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How it works

Swopped is a clothes swap shop with a mission to make swapping a straightforward, circular and easy shopping experience of the future. We are a circular clothing service, helping share your fashion favourites with thousands of your best friends.

Take your beautiful but unwanted pieces of clothing that you don’t wear anymore and send them to us at Swopped HQ. We’ll value each item and in return give you credits so you can instantly start shopping and transform your wardrobe.

It’s the perfect way to keep up to date with the latest trends, become a part of the Swopped community and contribute to the future of fashion culture.

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Take photos of your clothes for a valuation and we’ll add the credits to your account.

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Pop your clothes in an envelope and send back to us with a pre-paid label.

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Choose the clothes you love, add to your basket and pay using your credits.

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Swop Seeker

Add on to your fashion routine in a flash

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Serial Swopper

For those who get bored easily and often

5 swops per month



For fashion junkies that can’t live without

10 swops per month


the vision

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